Fascial Conduction Institute
Fascial Conduction Institute

Teaches and mentors the skills of:
Fascial Conduction
Moving the Internal Matrix

Balancing Coherence & Suspension
Integrating the Resonant Field
Enhancing the bioelectric, liquid crystalline matrix
Increasing the adaptability of the organism
Expanding the coherent body
Mentorship for experienced Bodyworkers

As Practitioners, we are always asking ourselves,
What is my next step?
The Fascial Conduction Institute invites you to take the skills you already have and enter into a new field of relationship with your practice.
Libby Outlaw, Director

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist  -  NC Lic #414
Somatic Educator

Fascial Conduction Practitioner
Teacher & Writer

1829 E. Franklin St. Suite 1100E
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
by Sue Sneddon
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Moving the Internal Matrix:
Revitalizing Fascia for Optimal Health and Well-Being
New Book by Libby Outlaw, Available August 18, 2016